We are celebrating the 76th Independence Day

We are celebrating the 76th Independence Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik have highlighted the progress the country or the State has made in the 75 years since Independence. We have reasons to be proud of with these achievements. We are marching ahead with the cooperation of the people in every sphere. We need to keep up the tempo and usher in more progress for the state and the country. The prime minister has spoken about combating corruption which he feels is like termite that hollows the fabric of the country. The impeccable track record Naveen Patnaik is all that is needed to propel the State on the path of progress. It is heartening to note that Odisha today leads the country in many spheres and has emerged as a frontline state in several aspects. Industry is growing and agriculture is flourishing. The initiative of the State government to take the state to greater heights is laudable. Poverty alleviation is only way to make a state prosperous and the initiatives are on. We have reasons to cherish this Independence Day. Let’s keep cherishing it always.

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