Uncapped Varun Chakaravarthy goes for 8.4 cores in IPL Auction

Varun Chakravarthy is a mystery spinner from Tamil Nadu. He had started out playing cricket as a wicketkeeper-batsman at the age of 13. He played cricket for his school but stopped playing the game after he joined college, pursuing architecture at SRM University in Chennai. After graduating and working for two years in an architecture firm, he started playing cricket again but this time as a pacer.

He played for a few clubs and a knee injury halted his progress. However, it proved to be a blessing in disguise as during his break time, he started bowling spin. “I used to experiment a lot with the tennis ball while playing gully cricket. I tried doing the same with leather ball,” he says. And from there, he developed new variations. “After the injury, I didn’t want to bowl pace again, so I turned into a spinner.” The change worked like magic.

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