Ujjwala Sanitary Napkin initiative to give jobs to women

The initiative in Odisha (supported by CSR spending of IOCL, BPCL and BPCL) aims  to educate women on female hygiene and health, improve accessibility to low cost eco friendly sanitary pads and provide employment.

 This is expected to impact socio-economic status of women and help change the way rural Odisha perceives menstrual health.

As per report overall use of sanitary napkins in Odisha is 33.5 percent.  Under this initiative 100 local manufacturing units will be set up at Common Service Centers (CSC) across 30 districts, covering 93 blocks in Odisha. The cost of setting up these manufacturing units is Rs 2.94crores. Each facility will have the capacity to produce 1200-2000 pads each day and will have sterilization room to ensure that the napkins are sterilized before they are user ready. The CSCs are also being provided with raw materials, enough to make 45,000-50,000 pads. These napkins will be pieced at Rs 42 per pack containing 8 pads.

600 women across the state will get jobs in the manufacturing units.

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