Significant rise in TB patients in Odisha

At least 46 people die of tuberculosis every day throughout the country, three times more than previously believed which shows that the Central government’s goal of eradicating tuberculosis (TB) in the country by 2025 is not on the proper way or not exactly implemented.

The goal looks unrealistic with the rise in cases in many states, including Odisha. The upper middle class, who the doctors said remain on denial about TB, get the infections mostly from a migrating population.

The state recorded over a 32 per cent rise in TB cases in the last two years. The number of cases rose from 45,699 in 2020 to 60,439 in 2022. While 52,514 cases were detected in 2021, as many as 53,368 and 48,490 cases were reported in 2019

and 2018 respectively.

As per the latest notification,

Odisha is now ranked second in the country in terms of TB notification. While Himachal Pradesh tops the list, Odisha is followed by Andhra Pradesh. The notification of cases had gone down by nearly 41 per cent between 2019 and 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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