PEETHA to bring in more transparency

A plethora of schemes have been launched by the Naveen government in Odisha in the past few years and a need for consolidation and transparency was perhaps felt at the administration level.As a result of such thinking has come out yet another initiative called PEETHA-Enabling Transparency and Accountability of Odisha Initiatives. The initiative aims at creating awareness about various schemes and improving transparency in distribution of individual and social benefits.

Announcing its launch, Chief Minister Naveen Patanik said this is part of the 3T initiative of Technology, Transparency and Team Work model. Camps will be organized at gram Panchayat level from 15th to 20th of every month. Distribution of benefits of Ama LED, Mission Shakti, social security assistance like Madhu Babu Pension Yojana and Artistpension, Nirman Yojana will be taken up at these camps.

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