Pak PM’s jibes at India on minority issue

Islamabad,Dec 26: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan criticised  india for  treating  minorities in his country and India, saying these communities would be treated as equal citizens in “Naya Pakistan”, “unlike what is happening in India”, on the occasion of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday.

“Naya Pakistan is Quaid’s Pakistan and will ensure that our minorities are treated as equal citizens, unlike what is happening in India,” he tweeted.

Jinnah had envisaged Pakistan as a “democratic, just and compassionate” nation he added.

Khan said: “His (Jinnah’s) struggle for a separate nation for Muslims only started when he realised that Muslims would not be treated as equal citizens by the Hindu majority.”

Khan also claimed that Muslims in Pakistan were treated as equal citizens:

The controversy over the issue started when actor Naseeruddin Shah lamented the rise of mob violence in India over cow vigilantism and expressed fear over rising religious intolerance in the country.

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