Odissi returns to Ekamra Walks, MIO delegates visit Kala Bhoomi

Bhubaneswar, Nov 12: Odissi recital during the penultimate part of the 99th Ekamra Walks, the first guided heritage walk of the city in the Old Town area, is back.

Today more than 140 heritage walkers were spellbound with the beautiful performance of the classical dance by the disciples of eminent Odissi dancer and Guru Ileana Citaristi at Art Vision, on the Western bank of Bindusagar.

While more than 100 students and their teachers were part of the walk, 40 walkers as participants of the normal Sunday morning group were part of the team today at the heritage trail.

While 35 participants came for the 23rd Museum Walk at Crafts Museum in Kala Bhoomi in the afternoon, delegates from the Make in Odisha (MIO) Biennale Conclave also took part in a special walk organized by the Museum authorities.

Five students of Guru Ileana Citaristi performed “Srita Kamala Kucha Mandala’’ from the famous Sanskrit work Gitagovinda by poet Jayadev and an Odia poem “Sajani budigali mu lajare’’, both displaying the various “leelas’’ of Lord Krishna. The second one depicted beautifully how the protagonist (Radha) blushes and tells her friend regarding the “Leela’’ of Lord Krishna.

The Odissi Guru said “we will now be associated for another longer term so that the visitors of Ekamra Walks would have the opportunity to see the Odissi recital as the classical dance form is equally famous for its influences over Odisha and Odia culture.

Hitesh Seth, a regular walker with the Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit said “I have been associated with this walk since beginning and now waiting to participate in the 100th one next week. As the first heritage walk of Ekamra Kshetra is going to complete its century, it would be a proud moment for all associated with this venture, which has created a new identity for the heritage city in India and all over the world.”

Another Participant Tushar Kumar said “I am very lucky to be a participant in the Ekamra Walks team and would continue to do so for the days to come. I am proud that the city with such a cherished past has a tourism product to name and propagate in the social media platforms as it has created a huge follower base.’’

Ritesh, another participant at the Ekamra Walks said “with nearly 5,000 participants from all three walks– Old Town, Khandagiri-Udayagiri and Kala Bhoomi –and participants from over 32 nations across the globe, the heritage walk has created a new identity so that we can tell the tale of our city to a diverse audience. The enthusiasm should be multiplied with World Cup Hockey to push the city’s potential to a new high in the global tourism map.’’

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