No more jatra shows in Odisha: Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

Bhubaneswar,25-10-2018: The owners of as many as 23 Jatra troupes in Odisha have decided to wind up their Jatra shows from July 2018 pertaining to various reasons including huge monetary loss in the Jatra industry, informed State Jatra Troupe Owners’ Association President Soumya Ranjan Patnaik on Wednesday.

Addressing a media conference here Patnaik said, “The owners of Jatra troupes in the state have been facing huge financial crisis for last five years as the cost of expenditure are more than the revenue earned in this industry. Besides, several restrictions imposed by the state government make us more vulnerable. Hence we decided to close down the Jatra shows in the state from July 2018.”

“We cannot increase the cost of the show tickets which is the only income source of Jatra Industry. On the other hand, the administration imposes restrictions for the stage show most of the times during summer season citing school and college examinations, elections etc and the shows are also badly affected during floods and cyclones,” he added.

Besides Patnaik, owner of ‘Kalinga Gananatya’- Pradeep Maharathi, who happens to be the Panchayatiraj Minister of Odisha was also present during the press meet.

“As our Association President told, I would like to reiterate that the natural calamities as well as administrative restrictions have forced us to take such decision despite knowing that the move will adversely affect the livelihood of around 5000 persons associated with different Jatra troupes including artistes, technicians etc in the state,” Maharathi said.

In Odisha, Jatra is a kind of stage show  that is performed in open on all sides. It displays play, music and dance based on stories from mythology and contemporary social issues.

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