More winged guests arrive at Chilika

Bhubaneswar, Jan 5:  The number of feathered guests at Chilika Lake, has increased this year.

            According to latest reports, the biggest waterfowl habitat in the country has recorded a total of  10,47,968 number of birds  this year, which is significantly higher than 8,93,390 recorded last year.

            As many as 181 species with 10,21,563 waterfowl of 105 species and 26,405 water dependent birds of 76 species have been sighted in Chilika this year.

            Similarly, the bird census in Nalabana Sanctuary of Chilika has also showed an increase in the bird count this year. A total of 3,93,541 were sighted in the Sanctuary as against 3,20,826 last year.

            Forest authorities said that the rise in the number of avian guests is probably due to the eviction of illegal gherries from several parts of the lake.

            Considered the largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian sub-continent, the Chilika attract avian guests from North, Central and East Siberia, China, Mongolia, West Asian countries and the Himalayan region every year.

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