Mission “Garden Greens” for Rayagada

Rayagada: In an innovative bid to provide extra livelihood support to the members of self-help groups (SHGs), the district administration launched the ‘Garden Greens’ programme here in this district.

Under the scheme, the SHGs have been directed to cultivate vegetables and supply it to Seva-Ashrams run by the SC and ST Welfare Department.

The programme will not only provide the much needed sustained income to the SHGs group but also facilitate nutritional support to the hostel inmates.

The hostel inmates will be able to avail direct farm products from farms. This will help them refrain from chemical-laced vehicles sold in markets.

The innovative idea was introduced by Rayagada Collector Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar.

“We are hopeful that the programme would be successful. This will provide income for the SHGs as well as nutritional food for hostel children,” said collector (Rayagada) Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar.

On an experimental basis the programme has been launched at Putasingh and will gradually be expanded to other areas of the district.

According to the collector, the administration will provide seeds and financial support to the SHGs for promotion of vegetable cultivation.

Later, the SHGs will cultivate the seeds and supply vegetables to at least 11 residential schools with a capacity of 2,200 students. The schools spent about 5 lakh rupees on vegetables every month. About 460 tones of vegetables are required.

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