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Bhubaneswar (Surjit Kumar Dhal): Akash Das Nayak is a Veteran Ollywood Star. The Biju Janata Dal gave legislator ticket to him in 2014. He made many extraordinary efforts to make Korei assembly constituency better.

He was done his best in his tenure. It is shocking that, the ruling party has not observed the good works of Akash. Akash did not obtain ticket in 2019, where he has done very well for his assembly constituency. It seems that the BJD lost a superb worker, who would make the party effective in the future.

In the recent 2024 general elections, Akash choose Bhartiya Janata Party to fight for the people of Korei. The Biju Janata Dal fielded Bobby Das’s mother, Sadhya Rani Das as MLA candidate for Korei assembly constituency. But they lost the seat, only because of the good work of Akash Das Nayak and may be for anti-incumbency factor.

At the end, Akash won with BJP ticket. The BJD didn’t recognize the public welfare mentality of Akash but with the strong backing of Bhartiya Janata Party he may do best for his constituency.

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