Huge quantity of fireworks, explosives seized from Trilochanpur and Mahajanpur

Cracking down on illegal fireworks manufacturing units at Trilochanpur and Mahajanpur villages under Jagatpur police limit ahead of Diwali, Commissionerate police on Sunday seized huge quantity of fireworks and explosive materials.

While five persons, including a woman, were arrested for illegally manufacturing and selling fireworks, several others indulged in the illegal act somehow managed to get themselves absconded from the village during the raid.

Along with different kind of fireworks including palm crackers, crackers, Ghadi, Habeli, Rocket, Dhap Bati etc worth over Rs 5 lakh, nearly 10 quintals of explosive materials, including 200 kg of Barium Nitrate powder, 500 kg of cast iron, 300 kg of Metal Black powder, 10 kg of Aluminum dust, 100 kg of Sulpher and 150 kg of Aluminum White Powder   stored in the illegal fireworks manufacturing units were seized during the raid.

 As many as 22 illegal fireworks manufacturing units were detected during the 6 hour raid conducted on total 35 houses from 5AM to 11AM.

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