Herd Elephant Blocks Highway

 Khuntuni, Dec 19 : Highway haulted for about twenty minutes while a herd of elephant numbered thirteen were passing across the 55no. national highway near Orond village of Khuntuni forest site and marching towards  Suniamuhan forest reserve .

                    According to the sources, a herd of elephant had moved to the Talijoda forest reserved  near Choudwar in past two weeks . Having stayed there for some while they had returned to the Khuntuni forest site on date seventeen night . During these living they have destroyed some of the village crop coming under Orond, Gobora and Gurudijhatia Panchayat . Having seen their movement the officers of the Khuntuni forest department and elephant protector  made the elephants return to the forest one by one safely by standing in both sides of the highway .

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