Foul Story of BDA

Bhubaneswar (Surjit Kumar Dhal): The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) is one of the richest office of the Capital city. The Officers are wealthier than the Office. The officers demand kickback to pass each and every files applied for approval of the BDA.

According to sources, the bribe money is near about fifty lakhs for each approval. An applicant have to pay 50% before clearance and rest after approval. In every wrongdoings of BDA, a name came to our notice is ‘Bhuyan Babu’. This man collects bribe money from applicants and invests the illegal earnings in Real Estates, Mines and Jewellery Shops.

This chapter was alleged by a real estate employee to Reporters Today. By hiding his name, the real estate employee said that, he applied for a plan approval for last six months with all legal formalities but no proceedings yet, only because of ‘Bhuyan Babu’. He denied to move the file without monetary dealing.

According to sources, a deal was final by ‘Bhuyan Babu’ of a real estate company demanding rupees fifty lakhs. He is not in a superior post but each and every file move through him. Everyone of the office know about the wrongdoings of ‘Bhuyan Babu’, but no one have the guts to raise voice against him, only because of his good relation with Chairman IAS G. Mathivathanan. By taking the advantage of good relation with the chairman, Bhuyan babu spreads his black empire across the capital.

Question arises here that, how these type of incidents are not in the knowledge of 5T. How an IAS saves a corrupt official in Bhubaneswar. The 5T should intervene into this mater and take strict action against the culprits, who are trying to defame the clean image of our State Government and our Chief Minister.

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