Keeping in mind that May is the month of Labour Day, the women wing of FICCI, FLO,Bhubaneswar organised a panel discussion on “Prevention of occupational health hazards and diseases at workplace” at Mayfair Lagoon. The panel experts discussed and deliberated about the health hazards that occur in the mining, manufacturing, IT, hospitals &construction sectors.

Shri Prashanta Nanda, a renowned actor-director and an eminent member of Rajya Sabha presided over the event as the chief guest.P.K Gupta, Joint Director H.O.O MSME and DFO Cuttack was present at the event as the guest of honour. Poonam Mohapatra, Chairperson FLO, graced the occasion as well.

The panel of speakers included eminent personalities like Shri Asutosh Rath, GM PR and Corporate communication, NALCO, Dr. Suvendu Ku Sahoo, Chief Clinical medical physicist, Carcinova Hospital, Dr. BN Mohapatra, Chief of occupational health and proprietor, Utkal Polyclinic and Subrat Biswas, Co-founder and COO at Colearners Swasth Bhoomi.

Addressing the gathering Shri Nanda said, “Occupational hazards are very common but it is not much talked about. I am proud of FICCI FLO for shedding some much needed light on this topic. Every employer should understand that the productivity of employees can be increased by sensitizing them about the various health hazards at the workplace. Just 4 months of maternity leave is not enough for women. They should be given more incentives so that their mental and physical well-being is not affected.”

“It is critical that push for better enforcement of safety and health regulations in India. This includes holding companies accountable when they violate safety standards. There is still a lot of work to be done so let us all pledge to continue creating a safer and healthier India”, said Poonam Mohapatra, the recently appointed chairman of FLO.”

Guest of honour Shri Gupta emphasised on how both the employers and the employees were equally responsible for safety at the workplace. “Negligence is the root of all hazards hence we have to be more aware”, he further added.

The panel discussion was moderated by Namrata Chahal, the immediate past chair of FLO. The discussion that followed focussed on how the employers need to install safety measures in the workplace and also sensitize the employees in order to ensure a safe working environment. The concluding message from the organiser, FLO was, “Preparation and prevention is better that repair and repentance.”

Notably, FLO, the women wing of FICCI aims to encourage and facilitate women to be empowered and bring them to the mainstream based on skills, experiences and energies across industry sectors for an inclusive economic growth trajectory. It works with women at 3 levels- to promote more women in leadership and board positions, help women set up their own business and skill development & entrepreneurship and to make women more employable.

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