DRDO Successfully Tests Pralay Ballistic Missile

Bhubaneswar: The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Tuesday successfully tested the Pralay ballistic missile from LC4 of Abdul Kalam Island.

Pralay missiles have the ability to target and destroy any enemy base from 150 to 500 kilometers away. This ballistic missile is capable of carrying weapons weighing around 350 to 700 kg, which makes it more lethal. Precise navigation capability and high speed make the Pralay missile more effective. If it is fired from near the LOC, China’s bunkers, cannons, etc. can be destroyed and destroyed.

The decision to procure the indigenous short-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile Pralay was made in 2015. It is a derivative of the Prahaar missile program, which was first tested in 2011. Pralay draws elements from various missile programs, including the K-series of submarine-launched ballistic missiles and the ballistic defence shield program. Pralay, enclosed in a canister, boasts a range of 150-500 kilometers, tailored to meet the Army’s requirement for a tactical conventional missile for battlefield use.

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