Dengue Fear Grips Sundergarh

Rourkela: The Dengue outbreak in Sundergarh district has intensified, with a total of 64 confirmed cases reported. Among these, 57 cases originate from Rourkela, while 2 cases are from Birmitrapur and five from other areas within the district.

Authorities have identified sector 14 in Rourkela as a high-risk zone and have swiftly initiated sanitation measures and heightened surveillance in the area. The surge in Dengue cases has sparked concern, leading to the designation of 14 sectors across the city as hotspots. Residents are strongly advised to take precautionary measures against mosquito bites and promptly report any symptoms to health authorities.

Currently, seven patients are receiving treatment at Rourkela Government Hospital, with others undergoing care at private medical facilities. The district health department remains vigilant, ensuring comprehensive measures are in place to contain the spread of Dengue.

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