Country’s largest Cancer Institute In Haryana

New Delhi, Dec 27:  Union Health Minister JP Nadda has announced that India’s largest Cancer Hospital,the National Cancer Institute, will be inaugurated in Haryana’s Jhajjar district in January.

The institute will have 710 beds, out of which 200 beds will be dedicated for translational research on India specific cancers. Different facilities such as surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology,anaesthesia and palliative care and nuclear medicine will be available at the institute. It will also have the first-of-its-kind tissue repository in India.

There are more than 80 lakh cancer patients in the world. Nearly 29 lakh of them are in India. About 11 lakh cancer cases are detected every year.

This institute is aimed to plan conduct and coordinate research on cancers which are more specific to India, like tobacco related cancers, cancers of the uterine cervix, gall bladder cancer and liver cancers, the focus will be on understanding and analyzing the cause, said the government.

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