Conspiracy of Jay Against Bobby

Bhubaneswar (Surjit Kumar Dhal): The announcement of Pranab Prakash Das (Bobby) as the Organizational secretary of BJD has not been easy to digest for some BJD workers and leaders. Because praising the name of a young legislator may be new, rare, and the first in Naveen’s case. Only because of the fear of the chief, no one raise their voice, but rumors are spreading outside the party. Not to be outdone, some BJD leaders reportedly knocked on the door of another ousted leader, Baijayant Jay Panda. Baijayant also left BJD a long time ago by raising voice against some people close to Naveen. Which indicates his intolerant attitude.

So the dissatisfaction in the BJD has taken the help of some media houses owned by Baijayant’s family. Today, Bobby is being congratulated from both student and youth organizations for his new responsibilities at the party office. However, a poster went viral on Baijayant’s media ahead of the congratulation event. The poster contained only Bobby’s photos. Bobby was unaware of this. As soon as he went to the room, Bobby got this information. He also smelled of conspiracy. Bobby would have gotten up there and run away. If he had done so, the morale of some of the leaders he loved would have been shattered.  Bobby never gives bytes in media. Because he always says that the credit for his improvement today belongs to Naveen Babu and late father Ashok Das.

Baijayant, on the other hand, had been in opposition to Bobby since he was in Party. He also repeatedly spoke out against Bobby. But Bobby preferred to be as quiet as his leader, Naveen. “Bobby has been given a lot of responsibilities because of his hard work for the party,” said the party chief. Now there are reports that some intolerant BJD leaders have made Baijayant a shield. The BJD leaders, who have some big names, think they will no longer have the opportunity to make fun at the party office after Bobby’s promotion. News has reached at the BJD’s power corridor that some leaders had backed their loving leader Jay Panda ​​who contested on BJP tickets in the last general election. But there is no doubt that Bobby, who knows the art of taking everyone with him, will once again embrace the dissatisfied. The question is, can Baijayant help the dissatisfied BJD leaders? Because even today, Mr.Panda is still looking for his existence in the BJP.

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