Commissionerate Police Tightens Security For Zero Night

Bhubaneswar: In preparation for the Zero Night and New Year celebrations, the Commissionerate Police in Bhubaneswar is set to intensify vehicle checks to ensure public safety. A strategic deployment of police officers and forces at key locations throughout the State Capital aims to deter anti-social activities.

Motor vehicle inspections will be conducted at 29 different locations from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am during Zero Night. Quick Response Teams (QRTs) equipped with breath analyser devices will be stationed at 18 locations, including Master Canteen Square, Kalpana Square, Khandagiri Square, and Rasulgarh Square.

Specialized Forces (SFs) will be deployed at crucial points like Vani Vihar Square Over Bridge, Master Canteen Square, and NALCO Square, supported by PSS mobile patrolling and PCR mobile patrolling.

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