Captain Marvel arrives with a bang in trailer

Captain Marvel’s trailer is out! Brie Larson’s superhero has descended on earth after a long, long wait. While the trailer is pretty short, it gives an idea as to what fans can expect from the film. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel introduces the most powerful superhero in the MCU (according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige) through the perspective of Nick Fury, then a young S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with both eyes intact.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is shown falling on earth after her aircraft crashes. Fury says in a voiceover, “War has a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.” Danvers is then shown wandering confusedly in a public place, as though not recognising where she is. Then, she roams around what seems like the S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, with a cap that has the symbol of the agency. “So you’re not from around here?,” Fury asks her. “It’s hard to explain,” Danvers replies. As suspected she is having troubles remembering the life she had on earth before she got her powers and became the member of the Starforce, an interstellar organisation that is led by Jude Law’s still mysterious character. “I keep having these memories. I see flashes. I think I have a life here. But I can’t tell if it’s real,” she tells Nick Fury.

Later, she is seen punching an old woman, and we can assume the old woman is a Skrull shapeshifter. Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson and Jude Law make fleeting appearances. The conflict between the Skrulls and the Kree is also teased. Even the pager-like device that appeared in the post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War is seen briefly.

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