Can government stop adulteration?

You must have seen the boards at a number of shops claiming that pure ghee, pure oil or pure milk is available here.  Or unadulterated spices are available here.

 The word ‘pure’ is used because adulteration has become almost universal.

Villages and cities are affected, but it is the city that is bearing a bigger brunt.

The government has appointed staff to detect and check adulteration. There is no dearth of law. There was a law to stop adulteration even before independence. The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was passed in 1954 but there is reported no visible success. Now the Maharashtra government has passed a Bill in the Assembly that makes life imprisonment a punishment for adulteration.

But the question is will it be possible to send all the adulterators to jail? It is a very simple fact that unless and until the law enforcement body is empowered and food inspectors  made accountable we may not see much progress here. It is only when such a system is put in place that we will be able to root out the problem.

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