BMC to Replace the Use of Bleaching Power Soon

Bhubaneswar (Reporters Today Bureau): For many years Bleaching has been used for cleaning and sanitation purpose in all around the state. Likewise Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has also been used bleaching power for sanitation in the capital. But after several years of use of this product, finally BMC has decided to replace bleaching power. Because it’s use is danger for the human being. So very shortly BMC is going to use organic solution for sanitation and cleaning purpose in the smart city.

The smart city will be sanitised in smarter way soon as BMC have decided to replace bleaching power and use organic product. Although it was the only effective sanitation product with cheaper price to use in bulk, but it has some bad effects on human and other living beings. So there was always a plan to replace it with better product. And recently a new solution was found out by BMC which has implemented in city as trail basis in September 2019.

There are 67 wards under BMC, and each wards given more than 1 quintal of bleaching powder every month for the sanitation work and purification of water .Which is so expensive and very hazardous to use. The bleaching is this is not always safe for the users. Finally the replacement of bleaching is brought by the current BMC commissioner Premchand Choudhury. He is also very excited to see the positive result of the new solution. Regarding the replacement of bleaching he said, ‘it was always there in the mind to bring a substitute of bleaching for city hygiene.

But the idea got clear picture when we found an organic process is followed by Hyderabad Municipality during an official visit. Then we decided to use the same formula here, which would be more hygiene, safe and user friendly. Also it would be cheaper than bleaching. Although the new method seems very effective to create healthy environment in city, but it cannot be measured till its result comes out.

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