Agnya Malas Placed in Chariots

Puri: The Agnya Mala rituals in Puri Shri Jagannath Temple were performed as per the schedule. The core servitors of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra, fastened three sanctified garlands sent to the three chariots, the Nandighosa, Taladhwaja and Debadalan from the Srimandir.

Sources said, after Prabhat Abakash and Sakala Dhupa Niti, the Surya Puja was performed wherein the Sun with the nine planets were worshiped. Thereafter, the servitors worshiped three garlands before the Lord Jagannath with due order of the almighty which are called the Agnya Malas. Accoring to the Shri Jagannth Cult, every holy affairs of Lord Jagannath is performed with an Agnya Mala which is considered as the consonance of the almighty.

The Agnya Malas placed in the three raths before the annual sojourn of the deities today, indicate the deities’ will to go out onboard. After the Agnya Mala rituals, chariots will be consecrated with performing Rath Pujan by a team of servitors, said a key priest.

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